123Milhas Customer Service Phone Number, Office Address, Email Id

123Milhas Customer Service Phone Number is 4000 1253 (capital) & (31) 3507 6615 (others), and email id is cancelamentos@123milhas.com.br (for cancellation), and the head office address is Rua Alagoas 772 Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais 30130-160 Brazil. Read more about the company overview, social profiles & website link details.

Since the year 2015, the Brazilian travel booking company known as 123Milhas has been in business. The headquarters of the privately held corporation can be found in Belo Horizonte, which is located in the state of Minas Gerais. The website has developed into a one-stop shop where users can find excellent prices on vacations in the country, including airline and hotel accommodations.

Online booking for low-cost tickets is simple and convenient for travelers, and a variety of payment options are available. On the very first page of the website, 123Milhas makes the claim that it can provide discounts on flights of up to fifty percent. And how exactly does the firm see this as being profitable? It makes the claim that it can buy airline miles on the market and then issue tickets using those airline points.

123Milhas Customer Service

123Milhas Customer Service

Phone Number: 4000 1253 (capital) & (31) 3507 6615 (others)

Email Id: cancelamentos@123milhas.com.br (for cancellation)

Office Address: Rua Alagoas 772 Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais 30130-160 Brazil

Website: 123milhas.com.br

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Fax Number: Not Available

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Travelers are able to examine the prices of flights and compare them with the discounts they get on 123Milhas thanks to the technology that is featured on the website. Because of this level of transparency, you may be confident that you are getting the greatest deals on the market. To get started, go to the site and look for the search bar. Once you find it, use that to enter your date, where you’re coming from, and where you’re going. After that, the search results will display the most cost-effective and best available tickets.

In the event that you discover one that satisfies your preferences, you should proceed to confirm the ticket using the pricing that is offered. In order to purchase a ticket, you will need to register first. You can pay for your item with either your debit or credit card or using your bank’s online banking service. You have the option of paying in cash or making payments over time.

The search results on the website will display the ticket that is available for the least amount of money, as well as the ticket that has the shortest amount of time remaining and the ticket that is recommended by the company. You also have the option of narrowing your search by the number of stops, airlines, cost, and total travel time.

Additionally, the complete itinerary, including departure and arrival times, as well as baggage limitations, will be displayed on the search page. It is highly recommended that in addition to making your reservation, you also read the terms and conditions, paying particular attention to the cancellation and refund policy.

When a schedule change or ticket cancellation is requested, the itinerary will indicate whether or not a cancellation charge is required to be paid. It is possible to look for not only flights but also hotels, rental cars, and vacation packages. Explore the Top Offers section to learn about the current sales that are being offered on hotels and flights for the best possible savings.

You can use your ticket reference number and name to check in for your flights directly on the website of the airline you are flying with. The capability to check in over the web becomes available forty-eight hours before departure. It is recommended that you present yourself for boarding at least two to three hours in advance.

Even selecting a seat and making reservations for additional baggage can be done directly through the website of the relevant airline. The Help section of the 123Milhas website states that the company does not let customers reschedule flights or transfer ownership of tickets. You can submit a request for cancellation by logging into your account and going to the booking page, which is where you will see the opportunity to do so.

The payment will be credited to the method that was used initially to make the purchase. In the event that payment was made in cash, the sum will be reimbursed to the bank account. Contact 123Milhas’s customer care with any questions or problems you may have regarding payments, cancellations, refunds, or other issues.

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