An Post Customer Service Phone Number, Office Address, Email Id

An Post Customer Service Phone Number is +353 1 705 7600 (post and parcels) & 0818 20 50 60 or 01 705 7200 (State Savings) & +353 1 705 8000 (An Post Money), and email id is (general) & (An Post Money), and the head office address is General Post Office O’Connell Street Dublin 1 D01 F5P2. Read more about the company overview, social profiles & website link details.

The primary provider of postal services in Ireland is referred to as An Post. The Irish government has 100 percent ownership of the organization, which began operations in 1984 and was named after that year. An Post, which has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, employs close to 12,000 people in a variety of roles to handle its business operations. Currently, An Post offers services in the areas of postal delivery, courier delivery, logistics, and financial services.

An Post announced revenue of 915 million euros for the fiscal year ending in 2020, with strong success exhibited in the parcels and eCommerce services business segments. A robust network of retail, processing and delivery locations is utilized to facilitate the management of operations. The so-called “Post Office” network consists of close to 940 individual locations, the vast majority of which are run by independent contractors. It processes up to 2 million pieces of mail and mail-related products every single day, on average.

An Post Customer Service

An Post Customer Service

Phone Number: +353 1 705 7600 (post and parcels) & 0818 20 50 60 or 01 705 7200 (State Savings) & +353 1 705 8000 (An Post Money)

Email Id: (general) & (An Post Money)

Office Address: General Post Office O’Connell Street Dublin 1 D01 F5P2


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Visit any An Post location that is closest to you in order to send a letter or package. You can find one on the website by searching for a specific town or nation. In addition, you have the option to narrow your search results by the post office, PostPoint, or parcel locker. You can acquire an estimate of the costs and the timeframe by using one of the tools that are available online. You are able to check the status of your package or mail even if it has already been sent out by entering the reference number into the appropriate field on the website.

Both the calculation of postage and its tracking may be done through the app, which is available for iOS and Android. Individuals as well as commercial enterprises can take advantage of the services offered by An Post. If you wish to send a package from the convenience of your own home, you may now purchase the postage label online and then deliver the package to the post office that is most convenient for you. The ‘Click & Post’ was created to assist you in purchasing postage labels or making an online return reservation.

At this time, you have the option of selecting Standard Post, Registered Post, Express Post, or International Courier for your package delivery. The majority of ordinary mail orders sent within Ireland are fulfilled the following business day. It may take between three and seven business days to reach international locations. If you are sending crucial documents, you should use Registered Post so that you can get an acknowledgment that the documents were received.

In the event that it is lost or damaged in any way, an insurance policy is included. Naturally, if you need your package delivered more quickly, you can use the more expensive Express Post service. Express Post guarantees delivery of packages internationally within one to five business days. The cost of delivery is determined by the category the item fits under; this could be a Letter, a Large Envelope, a Packet, or a Parcel. Depending on which category it falls under will determine the cost. It is prohibited for letters and postcards to weigh more than 100 grams.

It’s possible for large envelopes to weigh up to 500 grams. In contrast to Parcels, which allow you to ship things weighing up to 20 kilograms, Packets have a weight limit of just 2 kilograms. It is important to keep in mind that commodities purchased from countries outside of the EU will undergo customs processing. In the event that you need to return your box, you can do so at any of the nearly 900 post offices, PostPoints, or parcel lockers located throughout Ireland.

The majority of companies that offer postal services also offer money transfer services and basic checking and savings account options. You can meet the day-to-day demands of your financial life with the help of An Post by opening a current account. The checking account is complete with a debit card and the ability to conduct financial transactions online. The next option is the Currency Card, which gives you the ability to buy and add funds in 16 different currencies to a single card.

To apply for a Currency Card, visit the An Post location that is most convenient to you. Transactions involving foreign currencies are not subject to any fees or commissions of any kind. Not only that, but you also have the option of using our money transfer services. If you want to pay bills or send monetary gifts to an address, a Postal Money Order is the best option.

There is a service known as Western Union that enables rapid money transfers to locations outside of Ireland. You are able to send money instantly to recipients located in over 200 different countries. The price of the service shifts depending on the total quantity.

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