Avito.ru Support Phone Number, Office Address, Email Id

Avito.ru Support Phone Number is 8 800 600-00-01 (general) & 8 495 228-36-30 (corporate), and the email id is sales@avito.ru (business), and the head office address is Lesnaya 7a, Moscow, Russia. Read more about the company overview, social profiles & website link details.

Avito was established in 2007, and according to data from 2019, it is presently the market leader in the Russian classified advertisements sector, receiving over 10.3 million visitors each day. Its primary objective is the advertisement of products, automobiles, employment, and services, as well as real estate, and it is not difficult to assert that it has practically all of its objectives accomplished.

There are already over 60 million listings on the internet, and more than 5,000 new entries are added every single day. In total, there are currently over 60 million listings on the platform. Avito’s biggest competitors in Russia were OLX and Sandro, which combined in 2013 to become the dominant force in the Russian classified ads market. Avito dominated the market in Russia. It was a significant achievement at the time since it elevated the company to the position of second in the globe, only behind Craigslist.

Avito.ru Support

Avito.ru Support

Phone Number: 8 800 600-00-01 (general) & 8 495 228-36-30 (Corporate)

Email Id: sales@avito.ru (business)

Office Address: Lesnaya 7a, Moscow, Russia

Website: avito.ru

Telephone Number: Not Available

Fax Number: Not Available

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Putting Avito to use is a really easy process. Simply establish a profile for yourself with all of the required information, including your name, location, contact information, and verification. These are required pieces of information that need to be submitted to the website in order for it to continue to attract legitimate users. They exercise extreme caution while screening individuals in order to prevent fraudulent activity on the network.

The guidelines for using this website are written in a way that makes them simple to grasp while also serving the user’s best interests. After you have created a profile on the internet, all that is required of you is to submit an advertisement on the website with a description, images, and the price that you are looking for. After you have located your buyer or seller, you can get in touch with them to present your offer and complete the transaction.

Avito, a pioneer in its area, has maintained strong levels of customer assistance, and users will never feel as though they are being left out with solutions to their problems. The support page provides a set of procedures that can be followed to troubleshoot any problems that may arise while managing an existing profile or creating a new one.

There are a few easy steps that will walk you through the process of editing or recovering your ad if you so desire. It goes without saying that removing a technical barrier is just as simple as the platform’s user-friendly features, which make it simple to connect with buyers and sellers.

You will note while you are in the process of creating your profile that they take very stringent measures to prevent fraudulent activity on their platform. In addition to that, they conduct regular reviews of their users in order to guarantee that only real people are affiliated with the Avito platform. In addition to simply linking you with other users for the purpose of conducting business, they also offer direct payment choices through their payment gateway. They ask for a very nominal fee for it, but rest assured that it is completely risk-free to use.

They handle all of the issues that arise with payments and use their own delivery service for all of the items that are picked up and dropped off. Recently, they have also begun their very own automobile inspection division, which is responsible for verifying the condition of used vehicles so that purchasers and vendors can make the most advantageous transaction possible without being tricked.

Avito.ru is the market leader in a country like Russia, and they are continuing to expand their business thanks to all of these qualities and more. Try out the website for yourself to get a better idea of how thoroughly they have included all of the features into it. In the event that you run into any problems, you can always refer back to this post or check out the support page on Avito’s website.

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