Dyson Customer Care Number, Email Id, Office Address

Dyson Customer Care Number is 18002586688, its email id is ask@dyson.in, and the head office address is Dyson Technology India Pvt Ltd 03-101 & 03-114, WeWork Forum, DLF Cyber City, Gurugram, Haryana, India – 122002. Read more about the company overview, social profiles & website link details.

You can find out the customer care details of Dyson. Besides contact details, the page also offers a details overview of the company Dyson. Reach Dyson’s customer Care below for support, complaints, or feedback.


Dyson Customer Care

Phone Number: 18002586688 & 01142302188

Email Id: ask@dyson.in

Office Address: Dyson Technology India Pvt Ltd 03-101 & 03-114, WeWork Forum, DLF Cyber City, Gurugram, Haryana, India – 122002.

Website: dyson.in

Telephone Number: Not Available

Fax Number: Not Available

Facebook: Here

Twitter: Here

Instagram: Here

About Dyson

Dyson is a British technology company that specializes in designing and manufacturing a wide range of household appliances, most notably vacuum cleaners, bladeless fans, hand dryers, and hair care products. The company was founded by Sir James Dyson in 1991.

One of Dyson’s key contributions to the consumer appliance market was its innovative approach to vacuum cleaner design. Dyson introduced the concept of bagless vacuum cleaners that use cyclonic separation to efficiently capture dirt and debris. This eliminated the need for disposable vacuum bags, making the cleaning process more convenient and cost-effective.

Dyson’s vacuum cleaners utilize a unique cyclone technology that creates a powerful centrifugal force, separating dust and particles from the air and collecting them in a removable container. This technology not only maintains consistent suction power but also reduces the need for frequent filter replacements.

In addition to vacuum cleaners, Dyson has expanded its product portfolio to include a variety of other home appliances. The company introduced bladeless fans, often referred to as “Air Multiplier” fans, which use a technology that draws air through a circular loop and amplifies it to create a smooth and continuous airflow without the use of visible blades. Dyson has also ventured into the realm of hand dryers, aiming to provide faster and more hygienic hand-drying solutions for public restrooms.

Dyson’s foray into hair care products has led to the development of innovative hairdryers and styling tools. Their hair dryers are known for their efficient airflow and temperature control, aiming to minimize heat damage to hair while providing quick drying capabilities.

Throughout its history, Dyson has been known for its emphasis on research and development. The company invests heavily in engineering and design, often pushing the boundaries of traditional product categories with its innovative technologies. Dyson has also been involved in various legal battles related to patent infringement and the protection of its intellectual property.

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