Fandom (Wiki) Customer Service Phone Number, Office Address, Email Id

Fandom Wiki Customer Service Phone Number is (415) 762-0780, and email id is (technical) & (advertisement), and the head office address is Fandom, Inc 30 Sutter Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104 United States. Read more about the company overview, social profiles & website link details.

Fandom is a website that is user-maintained that offers original and entertaining material to millions of users. These users include gamers, movie junkies, and binge-watchers. Fandom, Inc., which is situated in San Francisco, is the company that runs the wiki hosting service. Today, Fandom asserts that it is the “biggest fan platform” by having more than 300 million one-time visitors to its website each and every month.

In addition to this, it is home to a startling number of user-run communities: 250,000. On the website, as well as the iOS and Android apps, you will find all of the most recent news regarding entertainment, as well as fan feeds, videos, and other content. All four of these websites—Gamepedia, D&D Beyond, Muthead, and Fanatical—belong to the same group.

Fandom (Wiki) Customer Service
Fandom (Wiki)

Fandom (Wiki) Customer Service

Phone Number: (415) 762-0780

Email Id: (technical) & (advertisement)

Office Address: Fandom, Inc 30 Sutter Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104 United States


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On Fandom, you can explore any one of the more than 50 million pages available. You have the option of searching for a wiki by its name, in addition to browsing via the categories of Games, Movies, and TV. The Grand Theft Auto Wiki, the Elder Scrolls Wiki, the Warframe Wiki, the Nukapedia Wiki, the Ark Wiki, the Magic The Gathering Wiki, the Minecraft Wiki, the Fallout Wiki, the Pixar Wiki, the Harry Potter Wiki, the Marvel Wiki, the Disney Wiki, the DC Extended Wiki, the Twilight Saga Wiki, the James Bond Wiki, the Jurassic Park Wiki, the Walking Dead Wiki, the Arrow Wi You also have wikis devoted to comic books, book series, and musical acts.

On each of the wikis, you may read an overview of the film or show, become familiar with the cast and plot of the episodes, and follow the social media feeds of the people behind the production. Each of the episodes and the characters has its own individual wikis, which contain highlights and other important facts.

The same thing applies to games, where there are distinct wikis for each series. You may even keep up with the most recent news and announcements, receive tips, meet other gamers who share similar interests, and read about the games’ cars, characters, places, and missions.

Users of the website are responsible for managing and maintaining the Wiki pages there. Every single one of them will have contributors and administrators at the helm. Wikis can be accessed in a number of other languages, including Spanish, French, German, and others. Users are able to communicate with one another and participate in the conversation through the usage of a discussion board.

After registering, users will have the ability to create their own pages. You have the ability to give a new article a title, format a page, and upload photos while it is being created. There are a variety of articles that will walk you through the process that can be found in the Help area of the website.

Users have the ability to change and alter the content of any page they are seeing. You have the option of adding new material, updating the formatting, or correcting any errors that have been made. Be aware that you run the risk of having your account banned and your links to unlawful content removed if you publish hate speech, nudity, or link to illegal content.

Creating and modifying pages isn’t the only thing you can do on Fandom; there’s also the option to create your own community there. Before beginning your own community, it is recommended that you first check to see if one that is comparable already exists. It is possible that the staff will examine the duplicate wikis and delete them. You are able to form a community around topics such as video games, movies, comic books, literature, television, music, and lifestyle.

While you are in the process of creating a community, you will also have the option to personalize the design or select one of the pre-made themes. There are sophisticated tools that allow full control to be exerted on the appearance and operation of the page. Read the Community Creation Policy and the Terms of Service to get an understanding of the many policies and guidelines that are in place.

As soon as you begin to contribute fresh content to the recently established community, you will have the ability to invite new users and boost the page’s visibility. The most important thing is to encourage people to contribute so that additional pages can be established. You also have the option to select editors to check user material and comments before they are published. If your wiki has more than 200 pages, you are eligible to apply for Fandom Spotlight, which will highlight your wiki on other pages that are comparable.

There are sections that provide assistance that might answer questions about establishing a community, personalizing the theme, or including contributors. Still in need of assistance? You can talk to other editors and pick some tips there on how to get more people to visit your wiki. This may be done at Community Central.

There is a section called Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that contains answers to the most frequently asked questions, such as how to join up, create a wiki, edit a page, insert links, change the background image, use colors, enable extensions, ban users, and resolve conflicts. You can create a ticket and wait for a response while you provide comments on the product or report a bug you’ve spotted.

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