Fred Loya Insurance Customer Service Phone Number, Email Id

Fred Loya Insurance Customer Service Phone Number is +1-800-444-4040, and email id is, and the head office address is 1800 N. Lee Trevino, Suite 201 El Paso, TX 79936 United States. Read more about the company overview, social profiles & website link details.

Fred Loya Insurance Company is without a doubt among the most reputable and successful general auto insurance firms operating in the southern states of the United States. They started out with just one store in 1974, but through their unwavering dedication to honesty, competitive prices, and excellent customer service, they have grown into the 18th largest Hispanic-owned and -operated company among the top 500 businesses in the United States.

It presently provides its services to the states of Arizona, Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, and Texas and has a workforce of more than 5,500 people. They are moving forward with making preparations to broaden their presence into more adjacent states.

Fred Loya Insurance Customer Service

Fred Loya Insurance Customer Service

Phone Number: +1-800-444-4040, +1-800-880-0472

Email Id:

Office Address: 1800 N. Lee Trevino, Suite 201 El Paso, TX 79936 United States


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Customers who are interested in purchasing the most common type of general auto insurance can acquire free insurance quotes from Fred Loya Insurance, which endears the firm to its clientele. Fred Loya Insurance is well-known for having auto insurance premiums that are competitively priced. It is therefore not surprising that Fred Loya Insurance has collected a staggering $500 million in premiums and has covered more than 600,000 motorists in the southern states of the United States.

There are almost 200 adjusters working at Fred Loya Insurance, and they are responsible for reviewing all of the claims that are submitted. Customers and claimants receive assistance in a hands-on manner from local teams located in a variety of service centers. They have a comprehensive legal team behind them consisting of attorneys, paralegals, assistants, and aid employees to back them up in every way possible. As a consequence, claims are cleared up more quickly.

It is said that they process approximately 10,000 claims each month and that the total reimbursements they make each month approach $25 million. The success of Fred Loya can be attributed to the fact that its products can be found in a variety of locations across the country, including malls, shopping centers, offices, and other significant spots in urban areas.

They even have service locations in prominent supermarket chain shops in the state of California, such as Superior, Cardenas, Fiesta Whole Food, and Liborio, which makes it simple for clients to approach them and conduct business with them. In the state of Texas, their agency can be found in Lowe’s Food Stores, certain Walmart locations, and Fiesta Marts.

It is simple to obtain insurance via Fred Loya Insurance because your previous driving records and credit history are not taken into consideration throughout the application process. You are able to acquire free quotations for general auto and automobile insurance, giving you the ability to choose the coverage that best suits your needs.

The financial pressure of a one-time purchase is lessened because down payments are not prohibitively expensive, and monthly payment schedules can be established if desired. You can get a fast quotation over the phone by calling a toll-free number, or you can visit the Fred Loya Insurance office that is most conveniently located for you.

You will need to make sure that you have specific details on hand, such as information about your existing policy, information about your current car and your driving record, as well as your driver’s license number and the Vehicle Information Number (VIN). After obtaining a quote, you will be able to select the insurance coverage that best suits your needs and then pay your monthly premiums online.

Claims are easily serviced at Fred Loya Insurance thanks to the company’s three specialized claims branches, as well as its trained staff members who are able to investigate and handle all claims in record time. You can get in touch with a professional who will assist you with the preliminary procedures if you phone the toll-free number provided.

After that, within the following twenty-four hours, an adjuster who specializes in professional liability claims will be appointed to handle your claim. An investigation into the nature of the damage, the people involved, and any other pertinent data will get underway. Claims are settled once the procedure has been finished in its entirety.

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