HMT Watches Contact Number, Email Id, Office Address

HMT Watches Contact Number is 08028385491, its email id is, and the head office address is HMT Limited No.59, Bellary Road, Bangalore-560032. Read more about the company overview, social profiles & website link details.

You can find out the official support details of HMT Watches. Besides contact details, the page also offers a details overview of the HMT Watches. Reach HMT Watches’s Customer Support below for queries, complaints, or feedback.

HMT Watches

HMT Watches Contact Details

Phone Number: 08028385491

Email Id:

Office Address: HMT Limited No.59, Bellary Road, Bangalore-560032


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About HMT Watches

HMT Watches, a venerable Indian timekeeping brand, boasts a rich heritage dating back to 1961 when it was established by the Government of India. Initially focused on producing high-quality mechanical watches, HMT Watches quickly became synonymous with precision and reliability. Over the years, the company has evolved to embrace modern technology while maintaining its commitment to craftsmanship and tradition. HMT Watches is renowned for its diverse range of timepieces, from classic and elegant designs to contemporary and sporty models. With a dedication to excellence, HMT continues to be a trusted name in the world of horology, offering watches that blend timeless aesthetics with cutting-edge innovation.

At the heart of HMT Watches is a passion for watchmaking that transcends generations. The brand has played a pivotal role in shaping the watch industry in India and has earned a special place in the hearts of watch enthusiasts worldwide. Each HMT timepiece is a testament to the brand’s dedication to quality, durability, and style. With a commitment to providing exceptional value, HMT Watches remains a symbol of enduring craftsmanship, making it a choice that resonates with individuals who appreciate the perfect blend of tradition and modernity in their timekeeping accessories.

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