Kerala Medical Department Contact Address, Phone Number

Kerala Medical Department Contact Address, Phone Number. Kerala Medical Department Health and Family Welfare by the Government of Kerala. Many Indian’s looking for the contact information of the department for complaint or service related queries. Right Now, We sharing details of Kerala Medical Department mobile phone number, head office contact details & many more.

Kerala Medical Department Contact Address

Kerala Medical Department Contact Details

Organization Govt of Kerala
Mobile Phone Number 04712302490
Directorate of Health Services Postal Address: Directorate of Health Services, General Hospital Junction, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 035

Email id: (This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need_

Telephone: 04712302490

Fax: 04712303025 / 04712303080


Officers in the Directorate of Health Services

Designation Name of Officer Phone No/Fax No.
Director of Health Services Dr. Sarita.R.L 0471-2303025 / 2519244
Addl.DHS(Medical) Dr. B. Sreelatha 0471-2303360 / 2303360
Addl.DHS (Admn & Trg) Dr.Sameera.A 0471-2302490/Extn.303
Addl.DHS (FW) Dr.Ushakumari.S 0471-2303080 / 2519242
Addl.DHS (TB) Dr.Parvathy. A.P 0471-2466058
Add.DHS (PH) Dr.Reena.K.J 0471-2302160 / 2519324
Addl.DHS (Vig) 0471-2302869 / 2519265
Addl.DHS (Planning) Dr.Raju.V.R 0471-2303360
Dy.DHS (Dental) Dr. Simon Morrison 0471-2302490/Extn.250
Dy.DHS (Mdl) Dr. Bindu Mohan 0471-2302490/Extn.283
Dy. DHS (PH) Dr. Meenakshy 0471-2302490/Extn.325
Dy.DHS (OPH) Dr. Ajakumary 0471-2306012 / 2306012
Dy.DHS (PM&R) 0471-2301906 / 2301906
Dy.DHS (Leprosy)(PH) Dr. Padmalatha 0471-2302745 / 2302745
Dy.DHS(Planning) Dr.C.K.Jagadeesan 0471-2302490/Extn.243
Asst. Director (ORT ) Dr. Manjula Bhai N.S
Asst. Director (Plg) Dr. Anil
IUD- MO Dr. Bipin K Gopal 0471-2302490/Extn.276
Stores Officer (Govt. Medical Stores) Sri.P.D.Krishna Raj 0471-2302490 Extn 205
Asst.Dir. (Entomology)
State Health Transport Officer Sri.R.T.Madhu 0471-2302490 /Extn.278
Senior Administrative Officer Sri.Ajayamohan.E.M 0471-2303476 / 2303476
Senior Finance Officer Sri.Ferold Xavier 0471-2304640 / 2304640
Finance Officer Smt.Bindhu.S 0471-2304640 / 2304640
Engineer Laison Officer Sri.Manojkumar.M 0471-2302490 Extn 333
Law Officer Sri.Jeevan.N 0471-2302490 Extn 204

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