Manchester City Council Customer Service Phone Number, Office Address, Email Id

Manchester City Council Customer Service Phone Number is 0161 234 5002 (council tax) & 0161 234 5000 (other queries), and email id is (benefits) & (council tax) & (elections) & (general), and the head office address is Manchester City Council PO Box 532, Town Hall Manchester, M60 2LA. Read more about the company overview, social profiles & website link details.

The Manchester City Council is a democratic organization that is made up of councilors that have been elected. These councilors are accountable for policies that are meant for the provision of services and the allocation of money that belongs to the Manchester City Council. This local government authority in Greater Manchester, England is committed to serving the city of Manchester as well as the metropolitan borough that it is located inside. There are 96 councilors in total, with 32 representatives coming from each of Manchester’s three electoral wards.

Officers are employed by the local organization to handle the day-to-day management responsibilities. The councilors deliberate and vote on the policies they believe should be brought before the Council for consideration. The councilors are responsible for ensuring that the policies are implemented in an effective manner. It is the job of the local councilor in the office to represent the ideas and opinions of the individuals, and it is also the job of the local councilor to evaluate the obstacles and challenges that are faced by the council.

The councilors of the Manchester City Council make decisions regarding the manner in which significant functions are carried out. The community at large votes for those who will serve on the local council. These councilors have been elected to represent the public interest in the ward that they were given responsibility. The council stays in touch with one another on a consistent basis via holding meetings and holding phone calls.

Manchester City Council Customer Service
Manchester City Council

Manchester City Council Customer Service

Phone Number: 0161 234 5002 (council tax) & 0161 234 5000 (other queries)

Email Id: (benefits) & (council tax) & (elections) & (general)

Office Address: Manchester City Council PO Box 532, Town Hall Manchester, M60 2LA


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There are three principal directorates under the council. Education and professional growth are high on the list of priorities for the Children and Families directorate. People are assisted in becoming more self-reliant, and both children and adults who are particularly vulnerable are protected by the directorate. The second division is called the Growth and Neighborhoods Directorate. The focus of the directorate is on maintaining the city’s competitiveness while ensuring that it can continue to grow sustainably.

In addition to bridging the gap between local communities and available jobs, the directorate focuses on local communities’ infrastructure, businesses, and talent bases. The Corporate Core directorate is responsible for providing governance, direction, and support for the various initiatives that are being undertaken to transform Manchester into a city of world-class caliber.

The website of the Manchester City Council offers a wealth of information regarding the inner workings of the council. A number of fundamental services, including the payment of council taxes, the viewing of job openings, and the provision of career guidance, are all accessible via the website. Every single one of the council’s operational divisions, such as libraries, environmental issues, schools, childcare, parking, planning, and regeneration, roads, transport, taxis, licenses, permission, homes, property, social services, markets, business and investment, crime, and anti-social behavior, each have their own specialized section on the website.

Residents are able to select the topic that pertains to them, and then take the appropriate action. Residents have the option of creating an account on the website, which will allow them to make more effective use of the resource. In order for the account to begin functioning, you will be required to supply credentials such as your name, postal code, email address, home phone number, and cell phone number.

Your account will make it easier for you to keep tabs on the website’s requests and payments made by other users. You can call the dedicated hotline number that has been provided by the Manchester City Council if you have a problem that has not been resolved.

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