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Manipur Tourism Contact Number is 03852421794, its email ID is, and the head office address is Directorate of Tourism Imphal West, North AOC, Manipur – 795001. Read more about the company overview, social profiles & website link details.

You can find out the official support details of Manipur Tourism. Besides contact details, the page also offers a details overview of Manipur Tourism. Reach Manipur Tourism’s Customer Support below for queries, complaints, or feedback.

Manipur Tourism

Manipur Tourism Contact Details

Phone Number: 03852421794

Email Id:

Office Address: Directorate of Tourism Imphal West, North AOC, Manipur – 795001


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About Manipur Tourism

Manipur Tourism is a government agency responsible for promoting and developing the tourism industry in the Indian state of Manipur. Located in the northeastern part of India, Manipur is known for its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant traditions. The Manipur Tourism Department plays a pivotal role in showcasing the state’s tourism potential and attracting visitors from all over the world.

They organize various events and initiatives to highlight the state’s unique offerings, such as its serene landscapes, indigenous art forms, and traditional festivals. Moreover, the department actively works on improving tourism infrastructure, maintaining historical sites, and preserving the natural environment, all while ensuring the safety and comfort of tourists. By collaborating with local communities, promoting ecotourism, and organizing cultural festivals, Manipur Tourism contributes to the economic development of the state and the welfare of its people.

One of Manipur Tourism’s key objectives is to create a sustainable and responsible tourism ecosystem in the state. They focus on preserving the fragile environment and biodiversity while simultaneously offering tourists an authentic experience of Manipuri culture and heritage. Through initiatives like “homestays” in rural areas, where visitors can stay with local families and immerse themselves in the everyday life of Manipur, the department fosters cultural exchanges and promotes the idea of community-based tourism.

Additionally, Manipur Tourism is dedicated to marketing the state as a safe and exotic destination for travelers. Their efforts include organizing promotional campaigns, participating in national and international travel fairs, and utilizing digital platforms to reach a global audience. By facilitating responsible tourism practices and showcasing the unique aspects of Manipur, this government agency plays a crucial role in boosting the state’s tourism industry and contributing to its socio-economic growth.

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