Oculus Customer Service Phone Number, Office Address, Email Id

Oculus Customer Service Phone Number is +1-XXXX-XXXXXX, and email id is OXXXXX@XXXX.com, and the head office address is Facebook, Inc. 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025, United States. Read more about the company overview, social profiles & website link details.

Back in 2012, Facebook launched the Oculus VR with the intention of popularizing the use of virtual reality headsets as an everyday piece of entertainment technology. The virtual reality headsets that they built over the course of time carved out a distinct segment of the market everywhere in the world. Their collaboration with Samsung in 2015 to design a headset for mobile devices was the catalyst for their most significant expansion to date.

This was included in the Samsung Gear VR, which was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers. Facebook, which is currently developing virtual reality headgear for personal computers (PCs) and mobile devices (smartphones), is using the Oculus brand name. Quest 2, Rift S, Quest, Go, and Rift is some of the things that can now be found on the list of goods in the catalog.

The Gear VR, which Oculus developed in partnership with Samsung, was the company’s most successful product. Another profitable product was the Rift S, which could only be used with a computer that was VR-compatible. Since it was connected to a PC, it included 3D sound and an 80 Hz display, but it did not have any more storage space. The Oculus Rift shop was where all of this device’s applications could be downloaded from.

Oculus Customer Service

The Oculus Quest is now the best virtual reality (VR) headset available, and it can also be used with a smartphone app. It includes a display that can run at up to 90 Hz and has storage options of up to 256 GB, allowing you to download more apps directly to your headset. Oculus provides a one-year warranty against manufacturing flaws and errors in software operation, and the product can be shipped to your location with free delivery and returns.

Oculus help can be accessed through the company’s official website, which features a large number of articles that provide solutions to frequent problems. You may also communicate with other Oculus users by reaching out to the forum that the company provides. Because updates on problems, patches, and any other information can be found in one spot thanks to the community’s efforts, this is a beneficial feature.

Oculus also makes it easy to make warranty claims on its products. Simply register your problem on their website if your equipment is still covered under the terms and conditions of the warranty it came with. The crew will get in touch with you and provide you with a pre-paid shipping label so that you can send the goods in to be serviced at their facility. After analyzing the issue, they will either send you a replacement headset at no additional cost or they will fix your existing headset at no further cost.

In the event that the warranty on your headset has expired, a member of the customer support team will discuss with you the most effective ways to get your equipment repaired, as well as the costs associated with doing so. It normally takes anything from eight to twelve days for replacements to reach you.

The social media accounts run by the corporation, such as the ones it has on YouTube, make available a variety of resources in the form of information and videos. This is the ideal choice for you if you are having trouble understanding a feature or need assistance with setting up the basics. Additionally, you may also contact them on their Facebook page if you have any questions. Given that it is one of Facebook’s products, the company takes your support requirements extremely seriously.

Oculus has just recently issued a press note in which they discuss the free silicon strap upgrade that comes with every purchase. By submitting a ticket, you can bring to their attention the fact that the headset is causing skin discomfort for you, in the event that this is the case. Anyone who has been experiencing this issue with their Oculus headsets is eligible to receive a free upgrade from Oculus.

The website also contains a list of accessories that you may purchase for your headset, such as an Oculus Link cable, a carrying case, controllers, and adapters. They provide a 30-day return policy that is easy and hassle-free to shop with. In addition to products, you may also shop for video games according to the most recent releases or the best sellers.

Oculus Customer Service

Phone Number: +1-XXXX-XXXXXX

Email Id: OXXXXX@XXXX.com

Office Address: Facebook, Inc. 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025, United States

Website: www.oculus.com

Telephone Number: Not Available

Fax Number: Not Available

Facebook: Here

Instagram: Here

Twitter: Here

YouTube: Here

TikTok: Here

Linkedin: Here

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