Optum Customer Service Phone Number, Office Address, Email Id Details

Optum Customer Service Phone Number is 1-888-445-8745 (general inquiries) & 1-800-356-3477 (OptumRx customer service) & 1-800-888-2998 (provider express) & 1-800-765-6818 (CES support), and email id is NA, and the head office address is 11000 Optum Cir, Eden Prairie, MN 55347 United States. Read more about the company overview, social profiles & website link details.

Optum is a healthcare and pharmacy benefits management that is a part of UnitedHealth Group and offers its services in more than 150 countries across South America, North America, the Middle East, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. UnitedHealth Group amalgamated its current pharmacy and care delivery system in 2011, which led to the formation of the corporation at that time. Optum is comprised of three core companies, which are OptumInsight, OptumRx, and OptumHealth.



The company’s goal is to create a healthcare system that is well-coordinated and efficient, which involves bringing together the various facets of providing medical treatment. Optum has helped 85 million people so far, and that number is only going to keep climbing in the future. Optum has experienced a rapid ascent in terms of both its growth and its financial standing while having a labor force of only 160,000 individuals. The corporation is responsible for more than half of UnitedHealth Group’s overall earnings on its own.

The organization has a rather amazing roster of satisfied customers. Optum offers tools for population management, risk reporting, and analytics platforms, all of which are necessary for effective support care management. Optum works in collaboration with Lewin Group, a healthcare consulting firm, which provides the company with objective analysis as well as strategic counsel to state agencies. With 5000 hospitals, 300 health plans, and 80000 physicians on board, Optum is a major player in the healthcare industry.

In 2013, the firm entered into a partnership with the Mayo Clinic, which is located in Minnesota, to launch Optum Labs. Research and new product development have both benefited from the work done at these labs. Optum Labs has already gained seven charter partners for successful research collaboration. These new partners include the Boston University School of Public Health, the American Medical Group Association, and the Lehigh Valley Health Network.

Optum is composed of a number of divisions, each of which serves a particular function. OptumCare offers a network of 53000 devoted physicians, and this section delivers a broad spectrum of services ranging from primary care to specialist care. OptumRx is a company that specializes in providing prescription management services, such as filling prescriptions, delivering medications to patients’ homes, providing medication reminders, and processing claims.

Optum has made a variety of solutions accessible to corporations, as well as the state and federal governments, as well as individual and family healthcare providers, and individuals. Optum’s key business operations include data and analytics, pharmaceutical care services, population health management, financial services, health care operations, and advisory services, to name a few.

The company maintains a website that is straightforward to navigate and provides customers with a variety of product-related information. A quick look at the website will provide you with in-depth information about everything that is available at Optum, from the company’s services to its support for customers. You are able to get the most out of Optum by logging in with your credentials if you are a registered member of the company.

If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one before you may request benefits from OptumRx, Optum Bank, a specialty pharmacy, or OptumCare. Optum provides its customers with a specialized customer support department that can be reached by phone from Monday through Friday.

Optum Contact Details

Office Address: 11000 Optum Cir, Eden Prairie, MN 55347 United States

Phone Number: 1-888-445-8745 (general enquiries) & 1-800-356-3477 (OptumRx customer service) & 1-800-888-2998 (provider express) & 1-800-765-6818 (CES support)

Email Id: Not Available

Website: www.optum.com

Telephone Number: Not Available

Fax Number: Not Available

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