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JoyTunes, based in Tel Aviv, is responsible for the development of the popular learning app Simply Piano. In 2011, the business introduced the application for both Android and iOS. On this platform, there are already tens of thousands of music instructors from all over the world registered. Through the use of the app, over one million songs are studied on a weekly basis. For full-fledged education, users of the app that won the award must sign up for a membership.

There are classes offered for a variety of skill levels as well as types of music. Through the use of this software, users of any age can learn to play the piano in a methodical manner, beginning with reading sheet music and progressing all the way up to performing with both hands. The software will recognize the note that you are playing thanks to the microphone on the device. If you are utilizing a keyboard, the USB MIDI connection is the way to go.

For new customers, we provide a free seven-day trial that must be completed before upgrading to a premium account. You have the option to subscribe for anywhere between three months and a whole year. At the moment, there are 27 distinct classes that can be broken down into two categories: soloist or chords.

You’ll be able to read sheet music with Soloist, which will help you improve your coordination and technique as you play your favorite song. You will be able to view the chord progressions for the majority of popular songs using Chords.

Under the heading “Chords,” you’ll find a number of distinct subsections, such as “Blue Chords,” “Jazz Chords I/II,” “Chord Styling I/II/III,” and “Pop Chords I,” among others. The curriculum for Soloist contains Bohemian Rhapsody, Pre-Advanced I, Essentials II, Essentials III, Classical I, Intermediate I/II/III/IV, Essentials II, Essentials III, Taste of Bach I/II, and Essentials II and III. You have access to a big song catalog whenever you use Simply Music.

There is music from a variety of genres, ranging from classical to blues to today’s top-chart singles. While the song is playing, you have the option of selecting a song from a variety of options and even slowing down the tempo. Additionally, the software includes touch classes that take advantage of 3D touch, a feature that transforms mobile devices into on-screen keyboards.

By logging into their accounts, people who already have subscriptions can access and manage those subscriptions. The application is configured to automatically renew itself. From the dashboard of your account, you have the ability to disable it completely. You have the ability to set your expertise level, goals, and a great deal more if you are just getting started.

In addition, you have the option of setting up personalized exercises that are catered to your skill level. There are five-minute workouts available for people who do not wish to play the entirety of the song in order to improve their skills in sight-reading and rhythm pattern recognition.

Within the application itself, users can use their credit cards, debit cards, or digital wallets to pay for subscriptions. Every purchase is covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee. Within the first thirty days of your subscription, you have the option to terminate the service and ask for a refund if you are unhappy with it. Check out the website’s Frequently Asked Questions area if you have any questions regarding payments, cancellations, or any other issues.

Simply Piano App

Simply Piano App

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