Telia Finland Customer Service Phone Number, Office Address, Email Id

Telia Finland Customer Service Phone Number is 020 690 400 (individual) & 020 693 693 (corporate), and email id is NA, and the head office address is Teollisuuskatu 15 Helsinki 00510, Finland. Read more about the company overview, social profiles & website link details.

Telia is a significant brand in the field of telecommunications in Finland, offering services for landline phones, mobile phones, and the internet. The merger that took place in 2002 between Sweden’s Telia AB and Finland’s Sonera resulted in the formation of the world’s second-largest telecom operator.

At the moment, it provides services to more than 3.2 million clients, and these clients include both private persons and corporate entities. The operations in Finland are controlled from Helsinki, despite the fact that the parent company’s headquarters are located in Stockholm, which is located in Sweden.


Telia Finland Customer Service

Phone Number: 020 690 400 (individual) & 020 693 693 (Corporate)

Email Id: Not Available

Office Address: Teollisuuskatu 15 Helsinki 00510, Finland


Telephone Number: Not Available

Fax Number: Not Available

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Telia Finland provides its customers with a variety of subscription options, including prepaid and postpaid plans, fixed lines, mobile internet, home broadband, and TV entertainment. To subscribe to a new connection, either find a store that is geographically close to you or phone the Telia sales staff. You can get started with Telia by purchasing a brand-new phone together with a subscription if you are considering using their services.

You can own the most recent handset from Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, or Nokia by paying an installment fee once a month. Check out the many models, as well as the prices, on the website. Tablets, smartwatches, and audio accessories are also sold in Telia’s retail stores. When looking to get a phone, you should search for one that supports 5G so that you can connect to a network that operates on the fifth generation.

Telia is rapidly expanding its 5G network in order to provide coverage to all areas of the country. A coverage map that may be seen online can be used to determine whether or not your location has 5G service. You can be certain of a connection that is hyperfast and has low latency if you have a 5G mobile or internet service.

There are many different 5G plans that can be investigated. In Finland, as well as the other Nordic and Baltic countries, you can make unlimited phone calls and send unlimited text messages, and you also enjoy unlimited Internet access.

However, the speeds for each plan are different. You have the option of selecting speeds ranging from 300 Mbit all the way up to 1000 Mbit. Additionally, there are 4G subscriptions that come with unrestricted Internet access, phone calls, and text messages. eSIM is an alternative to physical SIM cards that can be selected by new customers. They are available for purchase with any subscription.

Customers have the choice between a mobile subscription with a contract and a prepaid connection to their mobile device. When your available funds go low, you have the option to add more. After the card has been activated, the user has access to it for a period of six months. You will only be charged for the services that you make use of, such as voice or internet surfing.

Customers who already have prepaid services can top off their accounts by visiting the website or downloading the mobile app on their smartphones. You may check your current consumption, the amount of accessible data, and whether or not there are any outstanding payments on your account by using the app. In addition, consumers have the ability to activate new plans or upgrade to more advanced ones.

When it comes to Internet connectivity, Telia provides both mobile broadband and fixed broadband options. The Home 5G broadband is a high-speed Internet service that allows users to browse the web, watch streaming videos, and play online games. The connection can be easily established, and all that is required to do so is a connection to the internet and a 5G internal modem.

On the other hand, fixed broadband is more reliable but requires the use of an installation service. In the event that you are interested, you may verify the availability of 5G service at your location and place an order for a connection through the online store. Orders for broadband subscriptions can be placed with specifics regarding the required maximum speed as well as the speed range. The sizes M, L, and XL are among the most often purchased options.

If you are a fan of television, subscribing to Telia TV will allow you to access all of your favorite channels and programs. Downloading popular apps and getting started with content streaming on your TV is made possible with the Telia TV set-top box. You also have the ability to record and watch shows. Contact the customer support department of Telia Finland if you have any questions or concerns regarding activation, payment, cancellation, or any other topic.

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