Toca Boca Customer Support Phone Number, Office Address, Email Id

Toca Boca Customer Support Phone Number is (415) 678-5034, and email id is & & (Toca Life Box subscription), and the head office address is Toca Boca Lumaparksvagen 9 120 31 Stockholm, Sweden. Read more about the company overview, social profiles & website link details.

Toca Boca is a Swedish firm that designs and develops interactive games and toys for children. Toca Boca was established in 2005 and has since then released close to 45 different digital toys, several of which are included on the company’s best-selling lists. Toca Boca’s apps, which are compatible with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems, have seen massive success with children all over the world.

Toca Boca, which has its headquarters in Stockholm, presented its first mobile application in the year 2011. The well-known developer of apps for children’s smartphones and tablets focuses on making games that aren’t competitive but are nonetheless fun to play and encourage players to utilize their imaginations and creativity.

More than 130 million times, people have downloaded the apps on their mobile devices. Spin Master Corp., a Canadian firm that specializes in providing entertainment for children, made the acquisition of the game studio in 2016.

Toca Boca Customer Support

Toca Boca Customer Support

Phone Number: (415) 678-5034

Email Id: & & (Toca Life Box subscription)

Office Address: Toca Boca Lumaparksvagen 9 120 31 Stockholm, Sweden


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Toca Life: World, Toca Kitchen 2, and Toca Life: After School is just a few of the best games available in this collection. The City, from Toca Life. Farm, the game of Toca Life. Toca Life: Hospital, The Office in Toca Life, Toca Life: Pets, Toca Life: Reliable and Secure Toca Life: Vacation, Toca Train, Toca Nature, Toca Tailor, Toca Dance, Toca Hair Salon, Toca Blocks, Toca Builders, Toca Doctor, Toca Boo, Toca Cars, Toca House, Toca Lab: Plants and Toca Mystery House are the games that are included in the Toca Life package.

Toca Boca’s very first mobile game, which came out in 2011, was called Helicopter Taxi. More than 250,000 people downloaded it immediately after it became available. On the official website, you are able to search through the whole selection of available applications. In addition to that, it includes a summary of a game as well as trailers that illustrate the gameplay.

Toca Life World is currently one of the most well-liked applications available on the market for digital toys. The program, which is geared toward youngsters aged 6 to 12 years old, invites children to construct their own worlds and tell their own stories. It is a broader suite that includes other popular programs like City, Vacation, and Office, amongst others. Children are able to write their own tales including the characters they enjoy the most.

They have their choice of eight unique settings, such as an apartment, food court, or shopping mall, and can select characters from a pool of 39 people to populate their narratives. Toca Life World also features a shop where you can purchase additional settings and characters, and it contains more than 50 different locations and over 300 different characters.

The App Store, the Google Play Store, and the Amazon Appstore are all places where one can download apps. If you already have an Amazon account, purchasing the applications and getting started with them is as simple as logging into that account. You are welcome to use PayPal or any major credit card to make your payment. There are no refunds or exchanges available for app purchases or anything offered by Amazon within apps.

There are almost 200 nations where customers can access the Amazon Appstore. You can use an Android smartphone or tablet, as well as a Fire tablet and Fire TV if you’re looking for compatible devices. You can get a list of questions that are often asked by going to the Support section of the website. You will find posts that are helpful for troubleshooting, purchasing issues, or issues relating to such topics.

If your children have been having fun playing Toca Boca games, you should surprise them every month with a Do-It-Yourself kit that contains imaginative things for them to do. Crafts and do-it-yourself projects are included in each shipment of the Toca Life Box, which occurs at the beginning of each month. You have the option to subscribe on a monthly or annual basis. By signing into their accounts, current subscribers have the ability to either cancel or renew their subscriptions. Cancellation of monthly subscriptions is possible prior to the next billing date.

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