TradeStation Customer Service Phone Number, Office Address, Email Id

TradeStation Customer Service Phone Number is 800-822-0512 & 954-652-7900 & 008 007-777-6543 (Europe) & +1-954-652-7900 (international), and email id is &, and the head office address is TradeStation, Inc 8050 SW 10th Street, Suite 2000 Plantation, FL 33324 United States. Read more about the company overview, social profiles & website link details.

The Monex Group runs the industry-leading online brokerage firm TradeStation as a completely owned subsidiary. TradeStation was founded in 1999. TradeStation, which has been in business since 1982, makes it easier to trade stocks, options, and futures. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and the Securities and Exchange Commission are the three agencies that oversee this corporation, which has its headquarters in Plantation, Florida (SEC).

The TradeStation platform is intended for more experienced traders who are interested in trading stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, futures, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and cryptocurrencies.

TradeStation Customer Service


TradeStation Customer Service

Phone Number: 800-822-0512 & 954-652-7900 & 008 007-777-6543 (Europe) & +1-954-652-7900 (international)

Email Id: &

Office Address: TradeStation, Inc 8050 SW 10th Street, Suite 2000 Plantation, FL 33324 United States


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Access to cutting-edge analytical tools and charts is available on desktop computers, over the web, and on mobile devices. The most exciting part? Commissions on equities and the majority of ETFs are free to trade on TradeStation. You will need a minimum of $2,000 in your trading account in order to engage in options trading.

You will require approximately $5,000 to engage in futures trading. A minimum deposit of one dollar is required to open the checking account for cash transactions. More than 153,000 active accounts were maintained on TradeStation as of the year 2021. The title of “Broker of the Year” was bestowed upon the organization as part of the first TradingView Awards.

There are two different kinds of brokerage accounts available to those who are just starting out in the market: one is for equities and options, and the other is for futures. You have the option of beginning with paper trading or developing and testing methods on your own initially. When it comes to the prices of the services, everything is determined by the type of account you have.

TradeStation Go and TradeStation Select are the two sorts of basic accounts that are now available to you as options. Trading stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is possible with no commissions required using TradeStation Go. However, in order to use the desktop software to place an order, there is now a cost of ten dollars. The price of a contract for options and futures might range anywhere from $0.50 to $1.50. You are not limited in the number of stocks or ETFs you can trade, and there are no commission fees.

When it comes to TradeStation Select, the fact that you are using the desktop trading platform does not incur any additional costs. Free trading is also available for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and stocks. If you choose to engage in futures trading, then the fee will be $1.50. There is a price range of $0.60 to $1.50 for options contracts.

A minimum balance of $2,000 is required to open a TradeStation Select account. Those who trade on a big volume have the option of choosing commissions that are calculated per share or per contract, or unbundled pricing. Under the tab labeled “Pricing” on the website, you will find a detailed explanation of the commissions, margin rates, and service costs.

Once you’ve joined, you’ll have access to more than 2,000 exchange-traded funds (ETFs), can begin trading cryptocurrencies, and can do much more besides buy and sell stocks. If you are interested in trading futures, there are over 350 different futures and futures options products available for trading.

They encompass a wide variety of markets, including indexes, treasuries, metals, energy, and currencies, among others. By increasing your leverage, you can make larger trades with the same amount of capital that you have available. By completing an online form, new accounts can be created and activated. There are accounts available that are tailored to meet the needs of individuals, families, businesses, and major institutions.

The desktop platform is perfect for you if you are a trader who is often on the go. The software features a sophisticated RadarScreen that can search for possibilities in real-time and is included in the package. The scan can be based on any of more than 180 fundamental and technical indicators, all of which can be totally customized. Explore the built-in trading apps and gain access to an online marketplace where you can test out ready-to-use add-on items.

In addition, develop individualized trading methods, carry out historical simulations and automate trade ideas. Do you favor the web-based version instead? On the web-based platform, users have access to the charts and technical indicators offered by TradeStation. It is straightforward to use, and there is no lag in the processing of orders. You not only have the capability of effective order placing, but you also receive streaming market data and even historical data.

You can view breaking news as well without having to leave the browser window you’re now using. All of these essential capabilities can also be accessed through the TradeStation app, which is available for both Android and iOS. You are able to track positions and orders, as well as place orders while you are moving around. And if you set up smartphone notifications on price and volume, you will never miss an opportunity that comes your way.

TradeStation has developed a new product called FuturePlus specifically for future options traders. This product provides free market data, individualized trading, and sophisticated execution capabilities. The TradeStation Crypto platform enables traders to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USD Coin. Traders can take advantage of this platform. They are able to be traded for a cost that begins at $0.5 each trade and goes up from there.

Are you just starting out? TradeStation provides a multitude of information that can assist you in honing your trading skills and maximizing the possibilities of the platform that you are using. There are helpful articles and videos available that explain the fundamentals of trading, such as reading charts, utilizing technical indicators and pre-built scans, and utilizing the tools available on the TradeStation desktop or on the TradeStation website.

There is also a section with frequently asked questions (FAQs) on how to register for a new account, how to place or cancel orders, how to take positions, download reports, and many other topics. You can also contact customer care by live chat, phone, or email with any questions or concerns you may have.

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