Wakdewadi Bus Stand Contact Number, Office Address, Email Id

Wakdewadi Bus Stand Contact Number is 1800 22 1250, and email id is WXXXXX@XXXXX.com, and the head office address is Bus Stand, Wakdewadi. Read more about the company overview, social profiles & website link details.

In the Indian state of Maharashtra, the city of Pune is home to a significant transportation hub that goes by the name of Wakdewadi Bus Stand. Wakdewadi and the districts immediately surrounding it are connected to the rest of the city by means of the bus terminal, which operates as a hub for intrastate bus services.

Wakdewadi Bus Stand

Wakdewadi Bus Stand

Wakdewadi Bus Stand Contact Details

Phone Number: 1800 22 1250 or 24449980 or 24441591 or 24442860 or 25536970 or 26122591 or 24442968 or 25536641

Email Id: WXXXXX@XXXXX.com

Office Address: Bus Stand, Wakdewadi

Website: msrtc.maharashtra.gov.in

Telephone Number: Not Available

Fax Number: Not Available

Facebook: Here

Instagram: Here

Twitter: Here

Pune is a bustling city that is well-known for the extensive cultural history that it possesses as well as the presence of a number of academic and research facilities. The bus stop is an essential component in providing the people of Wakdewadi, which is one of the residential neighborhoods located within the city, with access to the other parts of the city.

The Wakdewadi Bus Stand is very well-equipped with contemporary conveniences, which guarantees that travelers will have a pleasant and hassle-free experience during their travels. At the bus station, there is a large waiting space, as well as restrooms, food booths, and a cab counter that accepts prepayment. In addition, there is a sizable parking area for private automobiles at the bus station, making it simple for passengers to leave their cars there before boarding the bus.

The bus terminal is the hub of an extensive network of bus services, both privately owned and operated and those run by the state, that connects Wakdewadi and the districts immediately around it to other sections of the city. Because there are buses stopping by at regular intervals, it is simple for travelers to organize their travel schedules. In addition to the standard bus services, passengers who are looking for a higher level of luxury and convenience during their trip can book a seat on one of the luxury or deluxe buses.

The Wakdewadi Bus Stand has a cutting-edge and effective ticket booking system, which gives customers the choice to book their tickets in advance at the bus stand counter or through one of the many internet portals available to them. Passengers are able to bypass lengthy wait times and lines thanks to this measure.

The bus stop is kept in good condition and has round-the-clock security thanks to the employees that are on duty there. Because the authorities have taken measures to ensure that there is sufficient lighting, ventilation, and cleanliness in the area, travelers will be able to wait for their bus in an environment that is both secure and pleasant.

To summarize, the Wakdewadi Bus Stand is a cutting-edge and well-appointed transportation hub that caters to the requirements of passengers as well as locals living in the area and the surrounding communities. Because of its extensive network of bus routes, cutting-edge facilities, and convenient location, the bus terminal has quickly become the go-to option for residents of Pune who are looking to commute inside the city.

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