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Xbox Customer Service Phone Number is 800 469 9269, and email id is, and the head office address is 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052, United States. Read more about the company overview, social profiles & website link details.

Xbox is a fantastic product if you enjoy playing video games. This video gaming brand, which was initially created by Microsoft, has rapidly become one of the world’s most well-known names. The brand is an amalgamation of five different consoles, as well as applications, streaming services, the online platform known as Xbox Live, and Xbox Game Studios, which is the company’s in-house game production division. The first Xbox game console was introduced to consumers in the United States in the year 2001.



Since it first appeared on the market, the brand has undergone significant development. With a greater number of exclusives and an improvement in value for customers, the Xbox brand is working to be redefined once more with the release of its Series X console. The Xbox has a longer and more illustrious history.

The Xbox was initially just a basic endeavor, but it has now grown into one of the most successful gaming franchises in the world. In 1998, Seamus Blackley, Kevin Bachus, Ted Hase, and Otto Berkes were successful in pitching their concept of a game console to Microsoft founder Bill Gates, which led to the company getting started on the development of its own gaming system. The console was formerly known as the DirectX Box, and its construction was supposed to be similar to that of OC.

The software developers had an easier time working around the design because the system was supposed to run on Windows 2000, which was the operating system that they were using. The company made the decision to go with a name that is memorable in order to peel back the curtain and get the attention of the general audience. The marketing team was not overly enthusiastic about the moniker when it was truncated as “Xbox,” but the term served its purpose.

In 2005, Microsoft announced the Xbox 360, which came at a time when the adventure for Xbox had barely begun. The manufacture of the Xbox 360 was discontinued by the end of the same year; nonetheless, Microsoft was able to sell 24 million units of the machine before ceasing production. The Xbox 360 did receive several updates, including an enhanced motion and voice control peripheral, a slimmer body, an additional USB port, built-in Wi-Fi, and upgraded internal specifications.

These updates were released in November 2013. 2010 was the year that saw the release of the updated Xbox 360. The Xbox One was unveiled by Microsoft in May 2013, and it was designed to go head-on with the PlayStation 4. Fans of Xbox should not worry about being let down. Next-generation Xbox Series S, part of the formidable Xbox X family, included every feature that a gamer could want.

Xbox lovers can stay up to date on the latest releases by visiting the official Microsoft website. Customers can make their purchases directly from the website, where they will also find all of the available consoles, games, and other gadgets. The Xbox Gear Shop, which is a utopia for gamers, was just added to the official Xbox website very recently. The collection features items such as clothing and drinkware, in addition to other collectibles.

This website is therefore your one-stop shop if you are a fan and you are interested in purchasing a console, a game, or even simply a t-shirt. Put everything you want in the shopping cart, go through the checkout process, and you’re done! The Xbox system rings the doorbell. If you have any questions regarding subscriptions, activation, game launches, cancellation, or any other topic, feel free to get in touch with customer support.

Xbox Contact Details

Office Address: 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052, United States

Phone Number: 800 469 9269

Customer Service Numbers:

Phone: 1 800 555 741 (Australia)

Phone: 0 800 7 9790 (Belgium)

Phone: 1 800 469 9269 (Canada)

Phone: 0 800 181 2968 (Germany)

Phone: 1 800 11 1100 (India)

Phone: 0 120 220 340 (Japan)

Phone: 791 080 0880 (Korea)

Phone: 0 800 83 6667 (Switzerland)

Phone: 800 0 441 1942 (UAE)

Phone: 800 469 9269 (USA)

Phone: 0344 800 2400 (UK)

Email Id:


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Fax Number: Not Available

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Linkedin: Here

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