Klarna Customer Service Phone Number, Office Address, Email Id

Klarna Customer Service Phone Number is 844-KLARNA1 (844-552-7621) & 844-552-7620 (merchant support), and email id is NA, and the head office address is 629 N. High Street, Suite 300 Columbus, OH 43215 United States. Read more about the company overview, social profiles & website link details.

There are many instances in which you come across an excellent offer on clothing or other things that you need on a daily basis, but you are unable to take advantage of the deal because you do not have adequate finances. You can now make post-purchase payments with the assistance of Klarna Bank, also known simply as Klara.

Klarna is the brand name of the bank. Klarna is a Swedish financial technology firm that was established in 2005. It is a provider of online financial services that can assist you in making payments for things such as online shopping, direct payments, and post-purchase payments.

Klarna Customer Service

Klarna Customer Service

Phone Number: 844-KLARNA1 (844-552-7621) & 844-552-7620 (merchant support)

Email Id: Not Available

Office Address: 629 N. High Street, Suite 300 Columbus, OH 43215 United States

Website: www.klarna.com/us/

Telephone Number: Not Available

Fax Number: Not Available

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As a result of Klarna’s meteoric rise in popularity since its founding, the company now has over 5000 employees and is reported to serve over 147 million consumers across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Approximately two million transactions are added to their daily count of transactions processed each day. Klarna provides you with a professional service that ensures the smooth operation of all of your financial transactions conducted online.

You can shop to your heart’s content because Klarna gives you the option to buy now and pay later, which simplifies the process of making online purchases. According to the findings of a recent study, approximately 39% of people who shop online have utilized Klarna or a service comparable to it in order to obtain a short-term loan at the point of sale.

Customers have access to a number of different point-of-sale installment loan options, and they may repay their interest-free loans in four manageable installments over the course of one month. Klarna gives you the option of financing your loans with repayment options ranging from six months to thirty-six months while charging you interest on the money borrowed if you would prefer to have more time to repay the money you have borrowed.

Using Klarna is easy. Downloading the Klarna mobile app is all that is required of you at this point. You are free to shop to your heart’s content, and when you get to the checkout stage, you will have the option of selecting Klarna as your mode of payment. Verify that the online store you are purchasing with is a member of the Klarna network before continuing with your purchase.

You won’t be charged any interest on the installments you make, and you have one month to make your repayment. If you take out a loan with a longer repayment period, you will be charged interest on the amount borrowed. You have a number of different choices available to you for methods of payment. You have the option of paying for your purchase in full within a period of thirty days, paying it off in a total of four interest-free payments, or obtaining financing for a term of up to thirty-six months.

How much money do you have access to when you use Klarna’s after-the-fact payment options? There is a $10 minimum purchase limit, but there is no cap on how much you can spend. Your credit limit with Klarna is determined by both the length of time you have been using Klarna and the number of purchases for which you have made repayments to Klarna.

When it comes to deciding whether or not to approve your loan application, the time of day and the total amount of the purchase are both significant factors. Klarna will increase your credit limit if you make on-time payments toward the repayment of your loan. However, Klarna is only intended to be used for making payments at online stores and not for paying bills.

In spite of the fact that Klarna does not mandate a particular minimum credit score in order to qualify for its services, it is a well-known truth that having a higher credit score makes it much simpler to obtain approval for financial aid. To be approved for a Klarna purchase, you do not need to possess a credit card; however, it is beneficial if you have a credit history that is at least somewhat adequate. There are no fees associated with using Klarna unless you are late with a payment. Utilizing Klarna is risk-free, and the company’s online payment interface is safe.

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